is an online music player for streaming creative commons music. Its database currently contains 21502 tracks hosted on the servers of the Internet Archive. Every album is selected by hand, rated and tagged song by song before being added here. Example queries can now be found under Help. This news section was last updated on 27 July 2014. Additionally, there is one album recommendation per week over on my blog

New artists

Auditive Escape convincing trip hop

Boogie Belgique remixes old vinyl recordings

Ramova beets and a surprise

Nic Bommarito does soft post rock

Virt is a master of 8 bit music


The Four Seasons (Vivaldi) a real classic

General Fuzz feel-good electronica

Studebaker's Blacksmith Shop alternative rock

Derek Clegg simple guitar folk

Th.e n.d eclectic downtempo jazz


Jehm Sounds Pt. 2 has some electronica goodies

netBloc vol. 46 #returnofthenetbloc hype!

Best Of Breitband Vol. 2 hand-picked for radio

Breathe 02 ambient electronic

Creative Commons 4 The World very diverse

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Query help

The tagging standard allows for an easier music discovery compared to music blogs, the Internet Archive itself or Jamendo. If you are after great rock music, just search for mood IS 3 AND rating GREATER 3 AND genre IS Rock. Boolean queries (AND, OR and NOT), comparison operators (HAS, IS, GREATER, LESS, EQUAL) and nesting with parenthesis are supported.

Query syntax reference


Text expressions

<field> IS <string>Matches if value is identical to <string>.title IS air castle
<field> HAS <string>Matches if value contains <string>.title HAS he's

Text comparisons are case insensitive and compare the whole string, not word by word. If you want to search for multiple strings simultaneously, you must use OR.

Numeric expressions

<field> GREATER <number>Matches if value is bigger than <number>.rating GREATER 4.
<field> LESS <number>Matches if value is smaller than <number>.mood LESS 2
<field> EQUAL <number>Matches if value equals <number>.playcount EQUAL 10

Building queries

Composed queries

<expression1> AND <expression2>Matches tracks that are found by both expressions.rating GREATER 3 AND date EQUAL 2013
<expression1> OR <expression2>Matches tracks that are found by at least one expression.album HAS Love OR title HAS Hate
NOT <expression>Matches tracks that are not found by the expression.NOT totaldiscs EQUAL 1

Nesting and grouping expressions with parenthesis is possible, for example: (<expression1> OR <expression2>) AND NOT <expression3> matches tracks that are found by expression1 or expression2, but at the same time not by expression3.


Optionally, the following sort expression can be appended to any query expression. Supported are ascending or descending by one or more fields.

SORT BY{ [-]<field>}rating GREATER 4 SORT BY -playcount firstplayed

Special queries

These are special formats that are recognised by the query parser. However, they may not be part of a composed query.

random <number>Returns <number> random tracks from the database.random 100

Field names

Basic information

Field NameDescriptionExample
titleTrack Title (string)title HAS birthday
artistTrack Artist (possibly multiple)artist HAS orchestra
album Album Name (string)album HAS best of
albumartist Album Artist (Various Artists for compilations)albumartist IS Various Artists
tracknumberTrack Number (integer)tracknumber GREATER 99
totaltracksTotal Tracks (integer)totaltracks EQUAL 1
discnumberDisc Number (>1 for multi-disc releases)discnumber GREATER 6
totaldiscsTotal Discs (>1 for multi-disc releases)totaldiscs GREATER 8


Field NameDescriptionExample
genreGenre (rough categories)genre IS Rock AND rating GREATER 4
styleStyle (fine and complementary)genre IS Funk / Soul AND style HAS Funk
ratingRating (1-2:meh, 3:good, 4-5:yeah!)rating EQUAL 3 AND publisher IS Kahvi
moodArousal (1:passive, 2:neutral, 3:active)mood EQUAL 3 AND artist HAS Bachelor